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Griptoggle Grip Aid
Griptoggle Grip Aid
Griptoggle Grip Aid
Griptoggle Grip Aid
Griptoggle Grip Aid


👌 Designed not to trap your hand uncomfortably✅ Leaving you with a comfortable and secure grip✅  Stretchy silicone warms to the skin’s temperature...
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Silicon Grip Aid

⚫ The innovative grip toggle is designed to help those with physical conditions or disabilities which impact their grip strength or motor skills. The Grip toggle gives elderly users the ability to hold on to many everyday items without the discomfort or restriction that a full silicone band hampers the user with. 

 EASY TO USE - Unlike cheaper silicone grips, the Grip Toggle is designed not to trap your hand uncomfortably which makes it easier to use on many items. Leaving you with a comfortable and secure grip on many household items. 

SUCTION HOLD - The hexagonal part of the Grip Toggle can stick items to flat smooth surfaces holding or hanging them in place. Less chance to knock items off the table and keep important items in their place securely.

COMFORTABLE - Stretchy silicone warms to the skin’s temperature and feels natural in the hand. The smooth texture and stretchy stalk of the Grip Toggle hold items securely in your hand without trapping your hand fully.

  EASY TO CLEAN - Safe in dishwashers and autoclaves. Can be washed with soap and warm water too. 

 5 PACK - Comes in a 5 pack. Depending on use, this is often enough to cover the essential household items for 1 person.

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