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Tipsi Tray Lite Single Handed Serving Tray
Tipsi Tray Lite Single Handed Serving Tray
Tipsi Tray Lite Single Handed Serving Tray
Tipsi Tray Lite Single Handed Serving Tray
Tipsi Tray Lite Single Handed Serving Tray

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  • ⚫ Single Handed Serving Tray (Circular)
  • 👌 Easier and safer than conventional trays
  • 🚪 Perfect on stairs, opening doors in the home or workplace
  • 🦾 Super safe lightweight and stable
  • ✅ Magnet locking handle to keep the handle in place
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Tipsi Tray Lite 11 Inch

⚫ Tipsi Tray Lite is weight 900g (50% less than traditional Tipsi Tray). Tipsi Tray Lite is just 900g (50% less than the standard Tipsi Tray. We listened to your feedback and reduced weight and improved ease of use. 

The 11-inch circular is perfect around the home for the afternoon tea run or single plate. Its smaller size means it can sit on side tables or smaller spaces more easily.

🖐️ CARRY DRINKS WITH A SINGLE HAND | Our Tipsi Tray Lite is a One-Handed Serving Tray with a removable Handle that can allow you to carry drinks with a single hand. With this sturdy stainless steel tray, you can confidently transport glasses to and from the kitchen.

MAGNET LOCKING HANDLE | Keeps the handle in place secure, This provides the user with a much greater grip as well as increased confidence. A tray is also a great option for anyone who walks with sloshing or movement of items on the tray keeping them completely balanced. 

🦾 SUPER SAFE LIGHTWEIGHT AND STABLE | Tipsi Tray light is made of non-slip rubber, is extremely sturdy, and is made of food-grade stainless steel. Its ultra-light tray allows you to transfer beverages, food, and utensils between tables or serve guests with confidence.

🕳 DISHWASHER SAFE AND REMOVABLE HANDLE | The Tipsi Tray Light features a totally foldable design, a removable handle, and a separate tray for simple storage and dishwasher use.

 RISK-FREE PURCHASE** | We’ll give you a full refund if you’re anything less than satisfied. Not that this will be needed, of course. Once you start using Tipsi Tray, you’ll see how this makes your life easier!

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