Kickstarter has finished! - Single Handed

We have succeeded! After 40 days we managed to raise over £22,000 and it's all thanks to you! Our awesome Backers! 

So what happens next?

Kickstarter will charge your card and you will be one of the very first owners of a Tipsi Tray! About 3 weeks after the campaign Kickstarter will pay Single Handed for all of the pledges minus their fees. This means we can get going with our manufacturing. At the moment we have our manufacturer lined up with final samples in hand. Production time is around 40 days (we will allow a little longer for the first run) and after which we will be able to carry out a full Quality Control inspection. We will have a mid-production inspection too. 

At this point we will start to ship orders, all being well. We have a batch going to the US (for US orders), a batch going the UK (for European orders) and the rest of the world orders will ship from our distributor in China. To the US and UK we will ship via sea to our distributors and then normal delivery channels to everyone from there. 

After shipping from our manufacturer we would hope to have everyones Tipsi Tray with them within 60 days. We will of course let backers know if there are any delays in the meantime ( which there has been of course due to Covid - 19).

A few days from now we will send out a link to your emails which will send you to a website called Crowdox. Crowdox is where you can add some extra Tipsi Trays to your order, pay for shipping, and set your delivery addresses. You will be able to update your address before we start shipping so don't worry If you plan to move house or have it sent elsewhere in the meantime. We will chase just before shipping to make sure. 

Crowdox will also act as a pre-order site for future orders (until our website is up and running) so if any of your friends of family want to grab an extra Tipsi Tray then this is the place. (or you can add in to your order to save on shipping)

We have some exciting additions in Crowdox coming up, despite not hitting our stretch goal we have been able to release the 11 inch Tipsi Tray and although you can't swap your original pledge, you will be able to purchase an additional 11 inch tray with no additional shipping cost!

If you've got any queries please feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


'Check out the Tipsi Tray here'

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