Our Promise to Kickstarter Backers - Single Handed
Single Handed has come a long way since its inception back in January of 2020 and so too has the world. Whether it’s Covid-19, Brexit, factory changes or the shipping shortages in China, we have had plenty of issues to contend with and it has been a difficult time for everyone.
Delays caused by the above have meant that we haven’t been able to ship the Tipsi Tray as quickly as promised having originally intended for shipping in September. As well as the global pandemic we had a number of unforeseen issues.
Kickstarter is becoming synonymous for failed projects, occasional scams and disappearing businesses. Luckily there are still plenty of great creators (like us) out there bringing new products to life with your help. That truly is what Kickstarter is about - backers helping launch products which they believe in, are happy to wait a little longer for and pre-ordering to allow sufficient capital to take products through to fruition.
When I started this business I set out to be completely honest with backers, customers and everyone involved in Single Handed, if we can be upfront and honest about delays, issues or problems at least our customers can understand the reasons for any delays and we can build that trust which every new business wishes to, of course. We are in this for the long run.
We do have new projects in the pipeline and are currently weighing up selling through our website or launching again on Kickstarter. Kickstarter fees are expensive and advertising costs mount up, generally meaning that Kickstarter projects have to be a little more expensive than we would like.
But we promise that you will be the first to hear about new products as well as receiving discounts on all future products as our thanks to you. You helped us to launch this business and although Tipsi Trays and other products will be available to buy online in the near future you are the people who made it all possible. For that we will always put you first and always reward you in any way we can.
We cannot promise that Covid will not continue to affect future launches but we will make sure we are in a position to fulfil orders much faster next time and having launched the Tipsi Tray, the business should be able to move ahead with moulds, jigs, contracts and everything else a product needs much faster and ahead of time. Having said this, we have been extremely unlucky in the launch timing of the Tipsi Tray.
We have also recently signed up to ‘1% for the planet’. Meaning that we contribute 1% of sales towards the planet, after all it’s the only one we have and it isn’t heading the right way.
We are on track for UK and EU orders to arrive into the UK around the end of January and now it seems that post Brexit the ports are starting to clear so we only foresee a small delay there but again, we would like to build in more time to the shipping timeline. US orders are expected to leave our manufacturer on around the 20th of January but we may need to delay this due to shipping costs having quadrupled in the last month in China. We do expect this to calm down over the next few weeks and of course will keep you updated via Kickstarter updates and email.
We cannot apologise enough for the delays but you are now as up to date as can be. If you have any further queries please email info@singlehandedproducts.com

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