The A,B,C’s of Working From Home Part 3 - Single Handed


Welcome to part 3 of the A,B,C’s of Working From Home (WFH). This week we will be covering the last of our tips to help you master your working days from home! 

Keep reading to see how we finish this journey. Even if it is to find out what work we use for Z…


Q is for Quiet

You might be a person that works best with music or the tv on or whilst being in a busy cafe, but I personally work best in a quiet environment without distractions. We recommend closing the door on your personal workspace and locking out the rest of the world. Have some peace and quiet to yourself, refocus and then start working. Quiet music on in the background can be really helpful in reducing boredom or for energising you part way through the day. 


R is for Recharge

It can be really easy to get carried away when working from home by working longer hours or picking up the laptop whist watching TV and doing a bit more. I end up forgetting to eat lunch or even working at midnight. Now this may be great for business but is it great for you and your health? Probably not. That is why taking the time to pause and recharge is so important. Go and read a book, have a bath or play a video game just to get your mind on to something else. Trust me it will help! 


S is for Stretching

Stretching is extremely important when working from home. You should leave your desk for a few laps around the room to stretch your legs every hour. People recommend stretching your arms and neck to help those areas that are used most. Anything to get your blood moving around is. 


T is for Targets

Targets are a useful thing to use to increase productivity and to give you something to aim towards. This could be life targets or career targets, small or big. It helps with your focus and when you achieve them gives you an amazing feeling. When you work from home it can be hard to see an end but goals and targets can make everything go faster and more easily. 


U is for United

Many of you are probably still working as a team even though you are working from home so it is important to stay united. It may sound silly but it can be very useful to maintain a similar work life environment at home as you do at work. This teamwork can be seen in a work chat or a zoom call or a weekly quiz with everyone from the office. You can get your mind off of work or they can help you with things you’re struggling with. Either way it is always useful to stay part of the team and not go off alone. 


V is for Visualise 

At the moment, we don’t know when we’ll be going back to the office or when we’ll be allowed to go on holiday or even visit family and friends. Not having something to look forward to can seriously hurt our mental health. Visualising where you want to be in a years time or even visualising what you want to have for dinner next week can help improve your mood. If I am looking forward to something, even if it is small, it helps my week go faster and keeps a smile on my face. I’m going to sit back and visualise that dream holiday until it happens…


W is for Worthwhile

This time may feel like it is wasted but it will all be worthwhile in the end. Hopefully, we’ll have a better connection with our friends and family, hopefully we’ll be more focussed at work and we should also be happier when we come out of it all. Happy that life is going back to normal and happy that we can enjoy the little things in life without worrying. Such as sitting on the grass in the sun. 


X is for x

Meaning to cross out or delete something. I don’t know about you but I make a lot of mistakes working from home due to distractions or lack of concentration. If I was working with paper and pen I would be crossing out a lot of things. It can also be useful to cross out anything unnecessary in your schedule so you feel a little be more on top of things. 


Y is for Yes 

Yes is for saying yes to more things that come your way. Say yes to staying in bed a hour longer, say yes to doing that online PT session you were scared about, say yes to that online course that you said you didn’t have time for or just say yes to sitting and doing absolutely nothing! 


Z is for Zoom

Need I say more here? 



Well there you have it, we have finished all of the letters of the alphabet! Thank you for sticking on that joined with us and even if one point made you feel a little better, then that is our job done. 

Please feel free to reply and let us know if we helped you or if you have any other points that can help people working from home. 


See you in the next blog and don’t forget you get grab your Tipsi tray here. 

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