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Smaller Tipsi Trays, bigger Tipsi Trays

Great news folks, we've just halved our original stretch goals! Our first is now at £28,000 to release the 11 inch Tipsi Tray, perfect for a couple of mugs, a dinner plate or a small pizza!

A little bit about manufacturing...

With all new manufacturing projects comes minimum order quantities (MOQ). This is the minimum amount that a manufacturer is willing to make for a batch. It's often set relatively high (1000's) depending on the product. It costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to adjust a factory to a new product and they have to make a profit at the end of it. Robert (me typing right now) designed that Tipsi Tray to have a universal handle, whether it be used on our 14 inch, 16 inch or 11 inch trays. The handle is long enough that even on the larger tray, the handle still it overhangs the centre point of the tray below. So carrying any of the tray sizes still works perfectly. This means that we can meet the MOQ's for the smaller trays (tray and supporting ring) and essentially place double the order size on the universal handles.
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Check out the Tipsi Tray here.

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