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Are your profits going down the drain with every spilled drink or dropped tray?

Typically waiters and waitresses across the world use just a few types of the tray. Below are the some of the most common trays in use across the world.

  • Plastic Tray
  • The plastic tray comes in various shapes and sizes. Today, many people are avoiding plastic disposable trays due to environmental concerns. Regardless, these trays are still very common. Cheap to produce and best suited to the school dinner queue. 


    plastic serving tray
    Wooden Serving Tray

    A wood serving tray is a rustic and fairly traditional option and it appeals to farmhouse style settings. The wood tray is good for serving food and drinks and carried with 2 hands. Unlike other trays like the plastic tray, the wood tray has the shortest service life of them all because it will warp and dull due to exposure to water. Wood is also prone to microorganisms because bacteria have plenty of room to hide as well as being difficult to clean.

    wooden serving tray

    Metal Serving Tray

    Metal serving trays are rigid and will be capable of serving heavier items. It is a very common tray used in the hotel. Metal trays are somewhat expensive and not that good to serve with beverage items because unlike other trays this metal tray is not a non-slip material and not recommended to use at bars and cafes. Silver service is much less common, wherever you go these days. 

    metal serving tray

    We have all been in a busy bar, the atmosphere interrupted by the waiter spilling a tray of drinks. Atmosphere ruined glass and drinks on the floor and money (almost literally) down the drain.

    How much are spilled drinks costing your business?


    Let’s say you usually sold an average of 100 Gin mixers (mmmm gin) every night so that means (100 drinks x 30 days) you sold 3000 glass of Gin in one month. Pretty good business! Yeah its a pretty rough average but deal with it ok!

    While making it or the customer spills it while grabbing it off the bar, usually, the bartender will remake the drink at no extra charge. By the time you’ve accounted for a nice gin glass and its contents, you’re in the ballpark of $12. A tray of 3 would make that $36. 

    For a busy bar businesses, let’s say there was 1 tray of 3 drinks dropped a week.

    So that means (3 glasses x $12 x 4 weeks) that is $144 per month. Is 1 tray per week pretty conservative? In our estimations it is, but it does provide us with a low figure to go from. 

    $144 losses per month. So that is $1728 in one year! Can your business afford to be wasting that money?

    Introducing Tipsi Tray!

    Tipsi Tray was made and design by Single Handed Ltd a small yet innovative home and hospitality brand. The company comes up with a unique design tray and allows it easier to use for those with balance, shaking, or disabilities which make carrying a traditional tray more difficult, dangerous or even impossible in some cases.

    The Tipsi Tray has a lot to offer which beneficial for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and even hotels and bars. The company design the product

    SUPER STABLE and SAFER- which is perfect for hot drinks.

    REMOVABLE HANDLE- Super easy storage and Dishwasher friendly shape. Leave drinks at a table as you remove the handle, store and wash more easily as you would with a tray alone.

    NO-SPILL EDGES- gripped surface and spilled catch edges.

    GREAT FOR THE ELDERLY- Need a free hand for a cane or walking stick? Negotiating stairs holding a banister? Want to see your feet when walking on uneven ground or down steps? The Tipsi Tray helps you do all of these things with ease making it great for the elderly, infirm or those who suffer from tremors or shaking.

    DESIGNED TO LOOK THE BUSINESS- Elegant, simple and it wouldn’t look out of place in an Art gallery.

  • SUSTAINABILITY- Tipsi Tray is  the most suitable material for the nonslip tray.

    "Check out the Tipsi Tray here"

    Check out the launch video here:


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