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You’re launching a Kickstarter project right in the middle of the corona crisis?

Yep and here’s why…

Our manufacturer is based in Hong Kong and things there are looking good for now corona- wise. Our manufacturer has quoted us for the mould costs to make the Tipsi Tray and we have an additional manufacturer lined up to make the trays themselves. Shipping does have some delays out of China but that is returning to normal now. We foresee that by the end of our kickstarter campaign in mid June, things will be looking up. Alongside the manufacturing time, mould production and quality control everything should be fine with shipping. We will of course build in some contingency time. 

In terms of customers around the world, many stuck in self isolation, the best time to launch was 6 months ago. But, the best time to launch our many serving tray is right now (or at the end of April at least). We do need some time to shout about Tipsi Tray from the rooftops! Something you can help with too! Our Kickstarter only succeeds if we hit our goal of £4000, which allows us to move ahead with moulds , jigs and other bespoke elements. However we do need to hit much more to meet our minimum order quantity and move ahead. 

Beyond this we have some exciting stretch goals which if we hit will allow us to introduce new products.

£60,000 - 11 inch Tipsi Trays

£100,000 - 16 inch Tipsi Trays

£120,000 - Colour options

11 inch Tipsi Trays will make a great serving tray for just a few drinks in the home. The 16 inch Tipsi Tray will be great for serving drinks and food, perfect for a restaurant. Colour options aren’t fully chosen yet but we are looking to hydro dip the handle - pretty snazzy. 

Ready to get your hands on the worlds best serving tray? Head to our signup page here:

"Check out the Tipsi Tray here"

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