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To get Tipsi Tray off the ground we will be launching on Kickstarter in 2020. 

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps projects like ours to launch into the stratosphere (ok, the world for now). 

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple - customers pledge money to back a project. This money is used to pay for tooling, sampling, testing and all of the things involved to bring a product to market, plus of course the product itself, in this case the Tipsi Tray. Backers are happy to wait a little longer for delivery knowing that their pledge helped to bring the project to life. It’s a great way for us at Single Handed to prove that customers actually want the product in a safe and relatively risk free way. Kickstarter projects are typically discounted, so we offer you a bargain Tipsi Tray at a cost which allows us to get manufacturing underway and products sent out before moving over to other retail channels as we plan to do, selling on Amazon and through this very website. 

Kickstarter of course take their cut from the money raised and we do have to reach a minimum target before the project is successful and money can be released to us. But it’s a great way to launch a new business without throwing a load of cash at moulds and setup costs only to find your product isn’t popular. Having said that our initial consumer feedback has been extremely positive and we know the Tipsi Tray will be a huge hit. 

As single handed carry trays, one handed trays whatever you want to call them go, there really isn’t a lot out there with the functionality, ease of use and great looks of the Tipsi Tray. 

What happens after the goal is reached?

Success, the team has a beer, served perfectly from a Tipsi Tray of course and we sit back and relax. Well not quite… this is when the real work begins. The Tipsi Tray goes in to production and we work towards fulfilling all of the orders. This will take a little of time as it will be our first production run. But of course we will keep all of the backers updated on progress via email and more excitingly - anticipated shipping dates.  

Without your backing via kickstarter the Tipsi Tray cannot be manufactured and it’s with your support that we can make this product a reality.

Launching on April 30th!

'Check out the Tipsi Tray here'

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