We are live on Shopify (Almost) - Single Handed

Our new website is here, alive and kicking. We’ve had a good skeg through (skeg, Adj. Northern UK slang term. To check or read over.) and checked for mistakes, tweaked images and generally made the site look pretty, work well and make your life as easy as our products do!

You might have noticed that our first product is the Tipsi Tray! 

The Tipsi Tray is a single handed carry tray designed for use by pretty much anyone. But it’s most useful for the elderly, infirm or those less able to use 2 hands while walking. Negotiate stairs while able to see your feet, hold a banister while carrying multiple hot drinks and generally be safer around the home. In a professional setting, the Tipsi Tray will revolutionise bars, restaurants and hotels with less smashed glasses or spilled spaghetti on white dresses. (Just an example). 

Single Handed Ltd was started to make the world an easier place for everyone and give a little back while we are at. Planting trees and giving a percentage of our profits to charity for example, just some of the ways we are giving back. Oh, and saving Auntie Gladys from smashing her best China tea set!

You won't be able to purchase the Tipsi Tray just yet as we are launching on Kickstarter. 

For all the info about Tipsi Tray click here

Once we are live on Kickstarter we will link you directly to the launch page. 

To sign up for our mailing list about the super exciting launch date click here. (hyperlink)

We won’t spam you but promise to keep you updated with the launch dates and any important milestones. Mmmm Spam. 

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