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  • 🍻 Contactless pint glass collection
  • 🖐️ Carry 2 pint glasses with a single hand
  • ✅ Easy to collect and drop off pints
  • 🦾 Strong stainless steel construction

🖐️ CONTACTLESS PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF | The Pint Sherpa allows the user to carry 2 pints of full or empty glasses and requires no touching of the glasses themselves. 

 SAFER AND EASIER | Like all products in the Single Handed range the pint sherpa is designed to make life easier. Whether at use in the home, garden, cafe or pub, the pint sherpa allows the user to carry 2 pints with a single hand, leaving a hand free to open doors, hold a bannister or carry other items. 

🍻 STAINLESS STEEL FRAME AND GLASSES INCLUDED | Each protected box includes 2 x pint glasses as well as the double Pint Sherpa. 6mm diameter stainless steel bar is strong and will last a lifetime.

 PLACEMENT STICKERS | Included with the Pint Sherpa are a set of stickers for using in a bar or cafe. These allow the glasses to be placed perfectly in order for contactless and easy collection. 

DIMENSIONS | 21cm tall x 21cm wide. Capacity - 2 pint glasses (included). The 6mm diameter stainless steel bar is strong and will last a lifetime. Other nonic shaped glasses will work but the 2 provided are the perfect fit. 

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